BTS’s Funko Pop Figures Get A “Dynamite” Makeover And We Need Them ASAP

Take my money!

Funko POP! is releasing a new line of BTS figures and they couldn’t get any cuter! Previously, Funko POP! created a line of BTS figures based on BTS’s Love Yourself: Answer era outfits.

| Funko POP! BTS Figures released in 2019

Soon after, the adorable BT21 characters got their own line of figures.

| BT21 Funko POP! Figures

However, the most recent installment includes iconic looks from BTS’s “Dynamite” music video.

RM | Funko POP!
Jin | Funko POP!

Not only is each member’s outfit accurately captured in all its retro glory…

Suga | Funko POP!


J-Hope | Funko POP!

…their poses are spot-on, as well!

Jimin | Funko POP!
V | Funko POP!
Jungkook | Funko POP!

The super cool figures can be purchased individually or in a bundle through a Walmart exclusive.

Group Set | Walmart
Source: Billboard