BTS Gave Up Their Rare Vacation Day And Refused Any Payment For This Special Performance

The event coordinator offered to pay but BTS refused.

Korean Presidential Event Planning Advisor, Tak Hyun Min, gave an interview where he revealed a special story about BTS‘s performance at the “Korea-France Friendship Concert” that was held in France in 2018.

The advisor revealed that BTS actually gave up their rare day off to come perform for the historical event. When the government offered to pay them, BTS refused all payment and only received a small gift for their services.

BTS had a rare day off but they decided to use that day to come and perform for the event. We offered to at least pay for their travel fees, but the BigHit staff smiled. They asked if it would be okay since BTS will be flying in on a private jet. We looked into it and it would have cost us 100 million won (~$86,000 USD).

They settled with just receiving President Moon’s special edition watches, and they refused to be paid.

— Tak Hyun Min

The small gift was the special watch that celebrates President Moon Jae In with his signature engraved in the front. They had actually received this a month before the performance at the UN speech with First Lady Kim Jung Sook.

Tak Hyun Min revealed that most celebrities stay away from any governmental events as they could face backlash from the public, but BTS ignored that possibility and decided to do something amazing for their country.

Celebrities often receive backlash when they’re seen being close to the government or any political influence, so we have nothing to say but thank you to BTS.

— Tak Hyun Min

As expected of humble and noble Kings!