BTS’s Genius Suga Is Doing Calculus…Just For Fun

This genius has an unusual way to relieve stress.

When BTS‘s Suga said this, he wasn’t lying!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic postponed BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL world tour, BTS is spending more time at home this year. In addition to working on new music, the members are finding many creative and surprising ways to stay busy.

For example, RM revealed that he’s studying for his TOEIC (The Test of English for International Communication), just for fun. This international standardized test tests non-native speakers’ English language proficiency.

| BTS/Weverse

RM isn’t the only one brushing up on his education. During a radio-style broadcast on July 26, Jungkook told ARMY that he is taking online English classes at Siwon School.

When Suga was asked what he’s been doing lately, he said that he does calculus to relieve stress.

For many numerically-challenged people, math causes stress, not the other way around!

Like fans, DJ Jin was slightly shocked by Suga’s hobby choices. “Calculus as shocking,” he said.

In the same broadcast, BTS announced a surprise English single, which is part of their upcoming release schedule. Check out all the dates you need to know here:

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