Here’s A Wholesome BTS Moment From The 2022 GRAMMYs That Didn’t Make It On TV

Most people missed this!

From the red carpet to the stage, BTS‘s 2022 GRAMMYs appearance showed exactly why they’re so loved by ARMYs. They rocked stunning suits on the red carpet while giving eloquent answers to interviewers…

…and gave their all to put on a brand new performance of “Butter.” Throughout the night, they displayed their work ethic and humility with everything they did.

However, the most sentimental moments of all were not captured by cameras — At least, by professional cameras! When getting up to leave, an ARMY’s fancam captured the moment BTS stood up before making their exit.

Getting into one of their signature group hugs, their off-screen love for one another is like that of a family and part of what has propelled them to such immense success.

In addition, during the announcement of theย Best Pop Duo/Group Performance Award, the BTS members can be seen in yet another one of their loving team huddles.

Nobody loves each other quite like the BTS members do…

…and that’s what makes their bond so special!

Watch the full video below.

Learn more about what happened while preparing for their performance in the next article!

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