Why The BTS Members Are Such Great Diplomats, According To South Korea’s President

He’s speaking nothing but facts!

President Moon Jae In and the BTS members recently sat down for an interview with television journalist Juju Chang for Good Morning America (GMA). During the interview, he revealed why he thinks the members are effective special envoys and why BTS’s message is so important.

The BTS members, President Moon Jae In, and Juju Chang during filming for GMA | @btsbrasil_offc/Twitter

The BTS members were recently appointed as Future Culture Special Envoys by President Moon, and they recently accompanied him to New York to speak at the 76th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

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BTS and President Moon’s interview with Juju Chang was filmed after the UNGA, and President Moon explained why the BTS members are the perfect special envoys.


He said, “Since BTS represents the younger generation, and many young people relate to them, I believe they can spread awareness and empathy.

President Moon also credited BTS with helping him to achieve the goal of spreading awareness for the UN’s Sustainable Development efforts.

The first mission I aimed to accomplish with BTS was to raise awareness for the U.N.’s Sustainable Development event. We’ve accomplished that goal already. It was a huge success. It was much more effective than the UN Secretary General or myself delivering hundreds of speeches.

— President Moon

The BTS members are just as excited by their diplomatic role as South Korea’s president is to be working with them.

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Jungkook said, “It’s still hard to believe that we did a speech and performance. Being appointed special envoys, it felt like time had stopped.” 

Source: Good Morning America and Good Morning America