BTS Left Handwritten Messages For ARMY At “House Of BTS”

The members wrote these words on their figurines.

BTS left behind sweet words for fans who visit their “house” in Gangnam.


On October 23, BTS visited “House of BTS”, their new pop-up store in Gangnam. From October 18 to January 5, this pop-up store will allow ARMY to experience the world from BTS’s music videos with plenty of special exhibits, pictures, and photo opportunities. While there, the members posed with their larger than life figurines and wrote messages on them.


RM wrote, “ARMY ddaranghae” and “aRMy Ddarang hat.” “Ddaranghae” is the cutesy version of “saranghae” or “I love you”. “Ddarang” is “love”.


“ARMYs, please have a happy time,” Jin wrote. “I love you.”


Suga wrote, “SUGA visited.” 


Like Suga, J-Hope kept his message short and sweet: “Hobi visited.”


Jimin‘s heartfelt message may bring tears to fans’ eyes. “The happiness you feel is our happiness. I love you.”


Jungkook wrote, “Thank you.” 


V‘s message may be the cutest one of all. He wrote, “Hi, I’m Kim Taehyung I can’t do this pose because I’m stiff.” 


These pictures prove it!


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