BTS’s J-Hope Is Afraid To Collaborate With Other Artists Because Of This Reason

He explained his fearful thought process.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently held a live broadcast where he introduced his new personal studio room to his fans. He also talked a lot about his music, particularly on the thought of collaborating with other artists.

Starts at 12:43.


J-Hope first commented on how he was overjoyed that Suga was able to collaborate with a legendary artist and for the song to do outstandingly well.

“I’m really not joking. I listen to Lee Sora’s ‘Song Request’ often. It suits the current mood well, and Suga wrote the rap very well. I really like it. It’s a legendary track.

Suga is very talented. I have a lot to learn from him. I really like this song. I’m so happy that he got to feature on a song by an artist that we respect so much, and also that the song did well.”

— J-Hope


When fans asked him about when he’ll be collaborating with other artists, J-Hope confessed that he doesn’t believe he’s ready to collaborate yet.

“I do think often about collaborating. But you know? I feel like I haven’t proven myself yet. I thought my mixtape would become like my business card, but it wasn’t exactly that.”

— J-Hope


That doesn’t mean he isn’t keen on the idea. He definitely hopes to collaborate in the future.

“I do want to do it. If a good opportunity arises, I want to try making a variety of projects and work with amazing artists.”

— J-Hope


Even though he wants to, he can’t get over the feeling that he’s not ready. He’s scared of collaborating with other artists because be believes that he’s lacking in various ways.

“I think there’s also a little bit of something more. Should I say fear? I focused on dancing before I started writing songs, so I feel it lacked a sense of depth. I think that’s why I run away from it.

If I were to do a collaboration, I think I can do it. But I often feel like I’m not ready for it, so I’m scared of it.”

— J-Hope


Despite his lack of confidence, he’s motivated to do better by his greatest rivals: his members! He confessed that even though he doubts himself, his members motivate him to continue to do better!

“But the funny thing is that I get very motivated when my members’ send out these amazing projects. It makes me want to create a great song. It makes me want to collaborate with an amazing artist if given the chance.

I think I’m motivated each time my members bring out another great song.”

— J-Hope


Clearly, J-Hope is out of his mind because he’s one of the most talented artists in K-Pop right now! Just take a look at his first mixtape, “Hope World”, which received massive amount of success all over the world!