BTS’s J-Hope Challenges ARMY Detectives To Find His Pre-Debut Dance Musical, And They Succeeded In Record Time

Never underestimate the power of ARMYs!

When it comes to K-Pop idols, there is nothing more that netizens love more than finding old content from their pre-debut days. The older the idols are, the harder it is to find, and when pictures or clips appear, netizens get even more excited.

Recently, that was the exact thing that happened when BTS‘s J-Hope asked ARMYs to put on their detective hats to find some of his old content.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Since debuting in 2013, there hasn’t been a shortage of pre-debut content from J-Hope and the rest of the BTS members. Whether it’s school pictures or videos from his past dance classes, J-Hope has always been a true ray of sunshine.

J-Hope recently appeared on Park Sohyun’s Love Game podcast. As expected, ARMYs were waiting for the idol to arrive, and, despite the rain, he greeted them all.

Throughout the episode, he treated fans to all sorts of stories, cute aegyo, and much more. With fans watching both in the studio and through the online broadcast, J-Hope truly showcased his love for fans worldwide.

During one of the moments, J-Hope was explaining that when he was young, he actually did a dance musical. ARMYs were instantly intrigued, and the idol actually asked to see if fans could find the clip.

Of course, when J-Hope asks, J-Hope gets. Within minutes, ARMYs worldwide had used their detective skills to find the musical J-Hope was in. According to fans, the musical was called Reverberation…

J-Hope on the musical poster | @eternalhyyh/Twitter

And J-Hope was part of the dance group NEURON under the name Smile Hoya.

J-Hope and his dance group. | Naver

Even back in 2008, J-Hope was truly a trendsetter and looked absolutely adorable in the promotions for the musical.

| @eternalhyyh/Twitter
| @eternalhyyh/Twitter

Even though the musical came out nearly 15 years ago, ARMYs not only found the details and name but also found clips of a young J-Hope back in the day. Although he had no idol training, his inner-dancer couldn’t be hidden, and he had this unreal presence even in his teens.

| @eternalhyyh/Twitter
| @lambflower_/Twitter
| @eternalhyyh/Twitter   

It shouldn’t be too surprising that ARMYs found the images and clips so quickly! Ever since BTS debuted, ARMYs have shown they can do anything when they put their mind to it… they even found Benny Blanco‘s USB stick in the middle of nowhere.

Hopefully, now that more people are aware of J-Hope’s musical days, maybe the idol can speak more about it. Like the rest of the members of BTS, J-Hope has always been so talented, and it’s amazing that old clips can still be found.

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Source: Naver and SBS Radio