BTS’s J-Hope Spills His Goals He Wants To Achieve While Enlisted In The Military

Hobi never stops working!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently greeted ARMY through a live Weverse broadcast where he shared various goals for himself to achieve during his military enlistment. He revealed that though he didn’t study when he was young, his desire to study has hit him later in life.

He revealed revealed that one of his biggest goals is to study English properly!

He provided many reasons, including benefitting BTS and for his own personal fulfillment.

However, he’s been mentioning this for the past few years! Despite that, he shared that he might bring study materials to the army to help him learn English such as a vocabulary book. With more time to learn, he may get closer to his goal.

Next, when a fan mentioned his lip balm, he joked that his next goal is to not age.

Of course, he wants to maintain his current and best condition!

Similarly, he shared that his number one priority in life is always health.

Maintaining both his mental and physical health will allow him to promote as J-Hope for a long time and continue to do what he loves. Specifically, he shared that he’s been taking nutritional supplements and considered working out to increase his stamina.

We wish Hobi the best of luck in completing his goals! Check out more from his broadcast below.

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