The BTS Members Are Supportive Besties Waiting For Jimin’s Solo Debut

They’re just as excited as ARMY!

The clock is ticking until BTS‘s Jimin makes his official debut as a solo artist!

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Ahead of the release of his album FACE, Jimin’s pre-release track “Set Me Free Pt. 2” is coming out on March 17 at 12 AM EST.

FACE Schedule | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

Recently, the music video trailer made waves online…

…and the dark visuals, high energy, and dance crew left fans shook!

Everyone is excited for the release, including the BTS members! When an ARMY left a comment in anticipation of the new music video on Weverse, V was quick to respond and share his feelings.

ARMY: Jimin, there’s one day left *Heart beating noises* #SetMeFree_Pt2

V: Me too, [my heart is going] *Heart beating noises*

Even the members who have seen some of Jimin’s choreography and have heard the songs have commented on how exciting it will be. J-Hope recently explained how he’s listened to a few of Jimin’s new songs that give off a “dark” vibe and he’s just as ready to hear the rest as we are!

The time has almost come!

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