Jimin Spills How He Actually Feels About BTS’s “Chapter 2”

It’s a whole new era.

BTS‘s Jimin recently sat down with Vogue Korea to discuss everything from his upcoming solo album FACE to his love for ARMY. One of the important aspects he touched upon was BTS’s “second chapter” and how this new era is making him feel.

BTS’s Jimin | Vogue Korea                     

In this new chapter of their careers, the members are prioritizing individual activities and fulfilling their mandatory military enlistment before returning as a group in 2025.

BTS’s V, Suga, Jin, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope

Jimin shared that he’s “rooting for [his] groupmates in their new solo careers,” always supporting them even if he isn’t directly involved with their latest projects.

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However, Jimin has his own worries about this new path he’s on as a solo artist.

Jimin in “Set Me Free Pt. 2” Music Video Teaser 

He shared that when he feels like this, he looks to his members to find strength and inspiration.

Now that we’ve set sail separately on these new adventures, I can’t help but feel anxious and terrified from time to time. In those moments, I think of my fellow group members and try to find strength in them.

— Jimin

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Doing this makes him feel more inspired to present his best self as a solo artist and prepare for the day the members formally return to their group activities.

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Seeing the other BTS members find their calling and try to develop themselves further, I naturally feel inspired and motivated to achieve my own goals as well, until the day we all meet again.

— Jimin

Check out what else Jimin revealed in the interview below!

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Source: Vogue Korea


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