This Is How BTS J-Hope’s BT21 Character Mang Will Keep ARMY Company While He’s In The Military

His ideas are so thoughtful. 🥹

Recently, BTS‘s J-Hope has been in the process of creating his BT21 character Mang‘s design without a mask. In the series “Inside Mang,” J-Hope has been brainstorming ideas and beginning the creative process for the new concept.

He recognizes that Mang and all of BT21 are a source of happiness for many fans that are already doing a great job spreading a positive influence.

This new era of Mang comes from J-Hope’s desire to want to create as much as possible for fans.

To be honest, what I’m thinking for now, is to try providing things as much as possible for fans to enjoy. Whether that be my music, stage, or performances, those are something I can do like I have always been doing it and this is another small thing that can be enjoyed, as well.

— J-Hope

Specifically, he hopes to add another thing for his loyal fans to enjoy while he fulfills his mandatory military service.

And also, this might be something fun and helpful in the time waiting for me [to return]… I wanted to try something like that to find as many as possible and [thought], ‘So what can I do to make my fans more entertained?’

— J-Hope

Among many other projects he has planned, this new side of Mang can be a source of happiness for fans. As he reveals he wants to “be side-by-side with Mang,” fans can feel comforted as the two walk their new paths together.

One of the ways ARMYs can enjoy this new side of Mang is through products. When staff asked for J-Hope’s opinion, he came up with great ideas! From giant plushies…

…to some collectible items, including brooches…

…or even jewelry and figures! It seems there will be no shortage of exciting new Mang merch.

However, this is only the beginning of his journey creating Mang’s true face and new design…

…and we’ll just have to tune in next week to see what happens next!

Watch the full episode below.


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