Here’s The First Sneak Peek At BTS J-Hope’s BT21 Character Mang Without A Mask

His ideas are so cool!

On the previous episode of “Inside Mang,” BTS‘s J-Hope revealed why it was time to remove the BT21 character’s mask and unveil his true face. Now, the time has begun for J-Hope to begin designing what he really looks like under the mask!

Despite being less than confident about his drawing skills, J-Hope sat down to create Mang’s true design. Just like with the creation of BT21, an artist sat with him to help him out if he needed ideas.

Staff hyped up J-Hope to get him feeling confident about his skills — and everything started great when he drew a perfect circle for Mang’s head!

One of the key points J-Hope wants in his design is a heart-shaped mouth. Mang’s mask also has this detail as it is representative of J-Hope’s own smile.

Next, a staff member gave him the idea to use wings as ears. Though it’s not the final draft of how the ears will turn out, J-Hope really liked this cool idea.

Next, another vital part of Mang without a mask is having brave eyes. Since it is a courageous act to remove his mask, J-Hope wants to make sure this strong side of him is conveyed through his eyes.

As J-Hope made progress with the design, he made sure to keep a balance of cuteness and bravery.

Another important aspect for J-Hope is to not change Mang too much. He will be different but not wildly different, so picking a similar type of animal such as a dinosaur may be in his best interest.

Again, he brings back just how important a cool and brave appearance is for Mang. We can definitely expect this cool and badass side of him to be a major part of his design!

J-Hope experimented with various ideas that didn’t make the final cut for now, such as changing his face shape…

…or even adding whiskers!

In the end, J-Hope has come up with quite a few ideas and a direction for Mang’s final design. We can’t wait to see the next steps in his design process!

Take a peek at some of his designs here!

Watch the full video below.