BTS’s J-Hope Adds Cake Decorator To His Résumé With His Thoughtful Gift To Jin

He gave Jin the best gift!

BTS‘s Jin recently celebrated his 30th birthday on December 4.

BTS’s Jin | Weverse

What better to give a foodie for his birthday than cake? So, Jin received a few different cakes. His friends gave him a princess-themed cake, and he also had an alpaca cake (that got sliced in half with his bare hand).

Now, Jin revealed that he received another cake as a gift from none other than J-Hope!

BTS’s J-Hope

Jin uploaded a photo of himself holding a beautifully decorated cake at dinner. He happily posed with it and captioned the photo, saying that it was designed by J-Hope. The cake was topped with a spaceship, the Earth, and a winter hat!

cake designed by J-Hope

— Jin

He also shared a photo of the cake, revealing the details. The green section read,Happy birthday my friend,” the white part read, “Merry Christmas, Jyan,” and the green part read, “(wishing for a) very fast discharge from the military.” 

| Weverse

The cake honored Jin’s birthday, his upcoming enlistment, and celebrating Christmas. How thoughtful! We all need a friend like J-Hope.

Last year, J-Hope gave Jin quite an expensive gift. Read more below.

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Source: Weverse


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