BTS J-Hope’s Birthday Gift To Jin Last Year Actually Costs A Small Fortune

It is not just any other “decoration.”

To celebrate his birthday with ARMYs, BTS member Jin held a live broadcast on December 4. When Jimin also joined in as a viewer and asked Jin what he wanted for his birthday in the comments, he shared that the BTS members have agreed not to give birthday gifts as it becomes chaotic to arrange presents for all seven of them every year.

But then Jin remembered that J-Hope had gifted him something last year on his birthday, mentioning that he came with a huge and heavy package. However, he still doesn’t understand what exactly the object is, guessing that it is some sort of a home decor piece.

The item J-Hope gifted Jin is actually the “Sella Stool,” created by Italian designers Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1957. According to the website of the MET Museum, it is one of the most notable designs of modern architecture.

The Sella Stool, comprised of a bicycle seat assembled with a metal tube over a base, does not fall into any archetype of seats. It does not allow a person to be properly seated, rather it was made to allow the user to half sit and half stand while talking on a wall-mounted telephone. In this way, the stool contributes to the wide range of innovative designs developed by modernist architects and designers, by questioning ways of living and using daily objects.

—The MET

The Castiglioni Stella Stool’s first prototype was first shown at the exhibition “Colors And Shapes In The House Today,” held at Villa Olmo, Como, in 1957. It retails at around ₩2.06 million KRW (about $1,580 USD) today.


Though Jin didn’t really get the item’s usage, he gifted J-Hope with something equally luxurious on his birthday— a limited edition, gold-plated toilet brush! Talk about being a chaotic duo.


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