BTS’s J-Hope Trends “Curtain” Worldwide After Forgetting Conan O’Brien’s Name

Hobi is too precious!

After mistakingly forgetting Conan O’Brien’s name, BTS‘s J-Hope found himself in a hilarious situation!

It all started when the BTS members were playing a game naming celebrities, but things went south quickly for J-Hope when he referred to the host as “Curtain.”

The other members easily recalled his name…

…but it was too late: Conan himself revealed he saw the clip and hilariously responded that he’ll “get” BTS for that!

However, J-Hope teased him right back with an adorable apology on Twitter.

Sorry,,,,, Curtain @ConanOBrien 😗😘

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

The whole debacle caused the term “Curtain” to trend worldwide.

All is forgiven with that handsome selfie — even if there is a curtain looming in the background!

You just can’t stay mad at this face!


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