The Emotions BTS’s J-Hope Experiences The Most

Can you guess which is #1?

BTS‘s J-Hope recently had an interview with Disney+ about one of his favorite Disney movies, Inside Out. Focused on emotions, J-Hope used the movie as an opportunity to analyze what he feels the most and least in his life.

He shared that all emotions are equally important and that many of them must coexist within us.

He revealed an unexpected emotion that he has a little bit of within him: Fear!

It might be hard to believe that someone like J-Hope has fear within him due to all of the amazing things he’s capable of…

…but everyone can second guess themselves from time to time!

When I hear some comment, I think about it a lot. ‘Did I…?’ I become quite timid and passive.

— J-Hope

However, he only has it up to a certain point.

The true biggest part of himself and his #1 choice is Joy.

J-Hope always remains grateful and chooses to look at the good that comes out of every situation. His positivity is not blind happiness, but rather a calculated and purposeful viewpoint that he chooses to live with.

No matter what situation I’m in, I always try to look at it in a good and positive way. Therefore, I think there’s a lot of ‘Joy’ in me.

— J-Hope

Sadness and Disgust don’t happen as often for him — unless someone acts out of line!

Never mistake J-Hope’s kindness for weakness! He will always put his foot down when someone crosses a line.

If someone oversteps the line, my ‘Disgust’ becomes a total disaster. I rarely become ‘Disgust’ and try not to because when my ‘Disgust’ shows up, nobody can stop.

— J-Hope

The same situation goes for his Anger, which he doesn’t show as much. Jin once shared that when J-Hope gets mad, the person who made him mad is the one in the wrong. Additionally, Suga believes that J-Hope is the scariest member when he gets mad.

Just like all of us, J-Hope has a bit of every emotion within him! Check out more of what happens when gets mad below.

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