BTS’s J-Hope Expresses His Desire To Be Free Off Stage, Opens Up About His Persona

He gave his honest thoughts in the latest episode of “Break The Silence”.

Many people dream of a carefree celebrity life, but even the brightest shining stars carry the weight of their shadows.

In BTS‘s Break The Silence docuseries, the members opened up about, as Jin put it, the “two lives” they’re living as people and as idols. For Suga, for example, it means craving the ordinary pleasures that non-celebrities take for granted. For Jungkook and J-Hope, it means balancing who they are with who they are expected to be.

When most people finish work for the day, they can shed their “work selves” and be whoever they want to be in their free time. That’s not the case for BTS.

In Episode 5, J-Hope shed light on what it’s like to maintain a persona both on stage and off. “From performing on stage, I’ve come to know who I am and understand my existence,” he said. “But off the stage, I’d like to feel more comfortable and be free.”

Although BTS prides themselves on being genuine, they are expected to uphold certain standards as public figures at all times. For J-Hope, that means being BTS’s J-Hope in front of ARMY and the public.

A part of me does feel that, but there is a persona that I need to show to the fans and the general public. I wouldn’t say that I’m wearing a mask, but I have to visibly become J-Hope when I go on stage. That much is clear.

— J-Hope

As the title suggests, Break The Silence is BTS’s most candid docuseries to date, revealing what feelings and opinions the members hold deep in their hearts. Perhaps by breaking the silence and allowing fans and the public to see more of their truest selves, the gap between who BTS is and who they are perceived to be will lessen over time.