BTS’s Suga Opens Up About Not Having Many Friends And The Cost Of Fame

His dreams came true, but at a price.

In 2013, BTS dreamed about making music history and earning their place in the hall of fame. These dreams have now come true, but at a price.

In Episode 5 of Break The Silence, BTS continues their LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF tour while sharing their innermost thoughtsSuga‘s confession about fame and what it has cost him might just break your heart.

Suga confessed to being envious of people who are able to do ordinary activities, like going out to eat, that he no longer can do as a public figure.

I’m really jealous of people who can go out to eat, travel, go to the movies with friends, and things like that. Those things are really special to me because I find them hard to do.

— Suga

“Some of the members do those activities,” he said. “but I don’t because I don’t have a lot of friends.”

“It’s not easy, so those things feel really special to me. I envy others because of this. You gain as much as you lose, and vice versa. It’s a loss of the ordinary. That’s been the biggest change.”

“What’s ordinary to others is special to me, whereas what’s special to others is very ordinary to me.”

“Before you know it, your set of values for things changes. The way you see the world with your values. That’s when the most ordinary things become significant.”   

In a previous episode, Jin shared similar thoughts, revealing that fame has cost him friendships, and split him into two people: Jin of BTS and Kim Seokjin.

Like Suga said, fame comes at the cost of the ordinary, but he isn’t facing this loss alone. He has gained six extraordinary friendships from six extraordinary people who will stand by him until the end.