BTS’s Jungkook Reveals How He Feels About His “Golden Maknae” Nickname

He gave his heartfelt opinion in the latest episode of “Break The Silence”.

Singing, dancing, sports, visual art, filmmaking: those are just a few things that BTS‘s maknae is golden at.

Jungkook earned the nickname “Golden Maknae” for excelling at everything he does, but in truth, that isn’t who he is; it’s an image he strives to become.

In Episode 5 of Break The Silencethe members opened their hearts to viewers once again by sharing their innermost thoughts behind the scenes. For Jungkook, that meant opening up about how he feels about being the Golden Maknae.

“I envy the image people have of me,” he said. “People call me the Golden Maknae, but that’s not how I feel, so I have to try harder to make myself appear that way.”

“After all that time since my debut, I think finally I’m trying really hard.” 

Jungkook’s confession is reminding some fans of the lyrics from his unreleased song, “Decalcomania”: “When I see you smile in the screen / You’re good at everything / You’re just perfect / Feels like I’ve never been you” 

Jungkook is a perfectionist who consistently challenges himself to improve, but no one is perfect. Even pure gold has imperfections. ARMYs don’t just love Jungkook for what he can do; they love him for who he is, flaws and all.

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