BTS’s J-Hope Reveals Why It Was So Important To Incorporate Sign Language Into Their “Permission to Dance” Choreography

It is an important part of the video!

After BTS released “Permission to Dance,” the group was praised for their inclusivity by representing people from all walks of life. In particular, many fans worldwide noticed that the members incorporated both Korean and international sign language into their choreography.

In an interview with SBS, J-Hope explained just how important it was for the group to use sign language in their music video to help portray the song’s message.

We implemented the international sign language as we wanted to provide positive energy, comfort, and hope to many people around the world.

— J-Hope

| SBS 뉴스/ YouTube

During the video, J-Hope also demonstrated what each part of the choreography meant. Yet, despite the initial simplicity, the purpose of it couldn’t be more important.

It is something very simple and easy for many people to follow, and if everyone gives it a try, I think that will make ‘Permission to Dance’ even more meaningful.

— J-Hope

| SBS 뉴스/ YouTube 

It isn’t the only time that J-Hope emphasized the importance of using sign language in the video. In an interview with Weverse, he explained that the group put in a lot of work to ensure that they understood the meaning behind each move.

We thought we should understand the importance behind sign language to properly convey its significance. So we thought we should do our best to do the moves correctly while at the same time trying to fill the song with enjoyment and positive emotions.

— J-Hope

The heart and dedication of the members made it so special for many ARMYs who could see that the group really wanted to create a video for everyone. It was also the perfect way to portray this message of hope that many people need at the moment. You can watch the whole video for “Permission to Dance” below.

Source: SBS