BTS’s J-Hope Finalizes The Design For BT21 Mang Without A Mask

Some of the designs were…questionable. 🤣

BTS‘s J-Hope recently unveiled his BT21 character Mang‘s true face to the world. In the latest episode of “Inside Mang,” J-Hope goes behind the scenes to show the process of tweaking the final design.

After brainstorming his ideas of Mang’s origins, J-Hope came in for a design meeting. Upon seeing the artists’ interpretations of his ideas, he thought it was cute…

…but he definitely had some critiques of the design!

J-Hope made sure to retain Mang’s original identity as much as he could. Though he’s showing a new side, he also wants to make sure it doesn’t veer too far from what we have already seen.

It feels like, even though it’s a renewal, it has become something too different. Maybe we should find a midpoint!

— J-Hope

As J-Hope mentioned in previous episodes, one of Mang’s most important features is having a cool and adventurous personality and he hoped the outside could also reflect this sentiment.

Something I thought of was something a bit more cunning … It’s way too pretty. I’m just not sure if it should be this much.

— J-Hope

As displayed by the intricate storyline of coming from Dotohee Village, one of Mang’s most important characteristics includes having a steadfast work ethic (Think J-Hope, but smaller!).

Serious. Adventurous. With that sort of look and adventurous characteristic, wouldn’t that be cool?

— J-Hope

As for the physical design, he made all sorts of personal adjustments, like downsizing the cheeks and keeping the flappy ears.

He even got to see previous designs from the artists — and he wasn’t too keen on how much Mang looked like a monkey!

Combining his favorite aspects of different ideas, he ended up creating the character we know and love today!

Watch the full episode here!

Learn more about Mang below.

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