Is BTS’s J-Hope Really A Coward? He Sets The Record Straight With IU

“Number 1 coward…Are you?”

Some BTS members would happily bungee jump or brave a haunted house…

…others, not so much. Over the years, BTS’s J-Hope has earned a reputation for being a scaredy cat, and it’s easy to see why.

On an episode of the YouTube talk show IU’s Palette, IU listed commonalities that she shares with J-Hope. This includes their love of a much-hated ice cream flavor, their musical inspirations, and phobias.

IU (left) and BTS’s J-Hope (right).

IU is terrified of water, and for good reason. She almost drowned while filming an episode of the variety show Running Man.

I lived my whole life thinking I could swim. But a while ago, I fell into water and I seriously almost died. I felt the fear of falling into water for the first time.

I thought I was going to float. So I held my breath and waved my arms around, thinking I would float… But it didn’t work that way. I just started sinking… I was so scared.

— IU

IU asked J-Hope about his own fear of water, wanting to know if any particular incident caused it. “I don’t really enjoy water activities,” J-Hope told her. “And I’m afraid to go in the water.” 

Even so, J-Hope has participated in many water games with his BTS members. In fact, he has faced several of his fears while filming BTS content.

That said, is he really the team’s #1 coward?

That’s very true,” J-Hope said, laughing. “I’m afraid of heights. Bugs too. And I’m easily startled by sudden noises. I’m a total coward.” 

Well, at least he owns it! Watch the full episode here.