BTS J-Hope Drops “Jack In The Box” Visual Teaser

Or should we now say “Hope in the Box?”

BTS‘s J-Hope has dropped a teaser for his new solo album Jack in the Box!


Previously, J-Hope made his solo comeback with the pre-release “MORE,” including lots of content such as a music video, themed graphic video, cover art, and concept photos.

Now, finally, a teaser for the album has been released!

On July 6 at midnight (KST), BTS released the visual teaser for Jack in the Box. The 24-second clip depicts the classic children’s toy in black and white being wound up until not “Jack” but “Hope” pops out of the box with flashes of color and text, “NO SIGNAL,” “still not enough,” “DONE DONE DONE,” and “say more.”

With the release of “MORE,” ARMYs have theorized that J-Hope’s persona for the comeback was “Jack” rather than “Hope” or “Hobi.” With this new teaser, though, he is self-identifying as J-Hope.

Yet, in the MV and a letter to ARMYs, J-Hope implied that he has three personas featured in the comeback. Similarly, Suga has his alter-ego Agust D.

Overall, I think this album has been filled with those feelings of J-Hopes!!!!!!!

Starting from today, I’m planning to gradually show you those emotions of J-Hopes in various ways.

I’d be thankful if you look forward to it and have interest, as well as recognize that this is an important process where J-Hope and the human called Jung Hoseok are taking their next steps.

— J-Hope


However, the fact that “Hope” is the last thing in the box is greatly symbolic of J-Hope and his beginnings.

Hopefully, all our theories will be addressed with the album’s release on July 15.

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