BTS’s J-Hope Reveals How He Truly Feels About The Group’s Maknae Line

J-Hope can’t help thinking of the younger members while traveling solo.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently took over the stage with his solo performance at the 2022 MAMA Awards in Osaka, Japan.

J-Hope truly became the main event, performing “MORE,” “Future,” and “Arson,” and even helped give ARMYs a special gift when he called Jin during his acceptance speech for BTS’s “MAMA Platinum” award.

While he was in Japan, he made the trip from Osaka to Tokyo to visit the 2022 BTS EXHIBITION: Proof. His visit was captured in the latest Bangtan Bomb.

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The special exhibition has a collection of photos, quotes, memorabilia, and videos that showcase the journey of BTS.

Walking through the exhibition, J-Hope was taken back in time as he relived memories with his fellow group members.

He quickly encountered large posters of familiar faces and couldn’t hold back how he felt about it as he looked at his precious maknae line.

(From left to right) BTS’s Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, and V

BTS’s maknae line officially consists of Jungkook, V, and Jimin, but J-Hope often takes them under his wing as the self-appointed “king” of the maknae line.

As he passed by their PROOF concept photos, J-Hope shared how he truly felt about the younger members, beginning with the group’s youngest member Jungkook.

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and J-Hope (right)

J-Hope hilariously exposed Jungkook, revealing that he “never listens” but that it’s all well because he “surely is handsome.

The next photo was of his bestie Jimin, and J-Hope couldn’t resist scratching poster Jimin’s chin while heartwarmingly sharing that he raised the younger members.

He then came across the poster of BTS’s Jin, the group’s oldest member. While Jin isn’t part of the maknae line, J-Hope jokingly makes him an honorary maknae and declares the group’s lovable hyung the “youngest” of the group.

He finally crossed paths with the last maknae line member, V, stopping to share again that he had raised him too.

In a separate section of the exhibit, J-Hope reflected on how well V grew up, noticing how handsome he’s been over the years.

The BTS members are truly precious to J-Hope, and his younger members are especially endearing to Hobi. That love is heartwarmingly returned as the younger members show J-Hope just as much support and care as he’s shown them over the years.

Check out more on their touching connection in the article below!

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