BTS’s J-Hope Almost Debuted With Another Company — But Chose Big Hit For This Reason

Get your tissues ready!

BTS‘s J-Hope revealed why he chose Big Hit Music, formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment, in a new trailer for BTS‘s docuseries BTS Monuments: “Beyond The Star.”

Prior to his debut, J-Hope was thinking about his future and which company he should ultimately debut with.

By that time, I had lived with my friends for over two years. Under the circumstances, I was thinking hard about my future. Should I choose another company to debut? Or should I go back to my original company and be with my friends?

— J-Hope

However, he knew in his heart that he had to choose the company with his friends who he had lived with and trained with for so long.

But the answer was very clear. I just trusted my friends. There was something about that place that put my heart more at ease.

I didn’t even care about the company and just went to see my six friends. I went there and I felt like I had found my place. In a way, I think I made the most fateful choice in my life.

— J-Hope

J-Hope’s choice to follow his heart and do what felt right was ultimately what lead him to his destiny as a BTS member.

At the time, it may have been a difficult choice to decide what he should do. However, looking back, both BTS and ARMY couldn’t be happier that he chose Big Hit Entertainment!

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