BTS’s J-Hope Is A True Gentleman At Incheon Airport When Interacting With Fans And Media, Despite The Huge Crowds

It showcases the idol’s true personality!

When it comes to the members of BTS, they might be praised for their talent and visuals, but aside from that, all of the members have the purest personalities. Time after time, they are praised for being true gentlemen with whoever they meet and wherever they are.

Recently, one member who gained praise for his manners after returning from a schedule is J-Hope.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

BTS’s rapper and dancer J-Hope recently made history after becoming the first Korean artist to headline the American festival Lollapalooza.

J-Hope at “Lollapalooza” | Hulu
| Hulu 

After some time in America following the performance, J-Hope shared a photo of him on the plane, revealing that he was making his way back to Korea.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

As expected, as soon as the news was released, crowds gathered at Incheon airport to get a glimpse of the BTS member. It was clear that as time passed, the airport got more crowded as more people, whether fans or media, wanted to greet the idol after his amazing performance.

Many didn’t know the exact time the flight was landing so they waited for hours. Yet, as soon as J-Hope went through the doors, the airport erupted as fans got their first glimpse of the idol.

Even though the media couldn’t see it properly, it was clear how happy J-Hope was as he started waving at fans as soon as possible. He even made sure to wait a few seconds and greet everyone after he had walked through the doors.

Even as he started walking, he was treating the fans to finger hearts galore, and it was truly heartwarming to see how happy he was despite the long journey.

While he was walking, it was clear that J-Hope wanted to give the fans and media what they wanted. He moved his cute hat further up his head so everyone could see his sparkling eyes and continued giving them the sweetest poses.

Despite the huge crowds, J-Hope continued to greet the fans as they all followed him outside the airport. Even when he got outside and a reporter asked him to do a finger heart, he obliged and his eye sparkled as if he was smiling.

Even after he got in the car, he kept waving at fans and throwing finger hearts as the car started moving. Even after the pressures of the schedule and the long flight, he wanted to make sure that ARMYs and the media felt his love and appreciation.

Yet, it isn’t the first time BTS has been praised for their behavior at the airport. Whether it was leader or RM or V, the members of BTS have always shined when they’re at the airport. Even if there are huge crowds or they’ve had a busy schedule, BTS always wants to make sure ARMYs feel loved and the media get their pictures.


As always, BTS proves that they are true gentlemen whenever they’re at the airport. J-Hope had a true and genuine smile on his face while greeting fans and it showcases the idol’s true personality and status as the “Happy Virus.”

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