BTS J-Hope Sends His Support For Crush’s Solo Concert, Showing Off His Sense Of Humor In The Process

One thing about him, he will show up for all his friends.

On December 10, Crush kicked off his Crush On You: Crush Hour tour at Gwangju. This is the first time in three years that the singer is performing at solo concerts. As a long-time friend and well-wisher, BTS‘s J-Hope made the sweetest gesture to show his support for the artist.

Jang Wonyoung, the drummer from Crush’s band, posted a picture on his Instagram, sharing that J-Hope sent snacks and coffee at Crush’s concert. The stall was serving bungeoppang, a popular winter-time snack at the venue.

The banner on top read, “Hyoseobie’s first concert, everyone, gather around! Hoseokie is paying~” Besides the stall, another standing banner had a note with a pun on a famous meme phrase on it.

Everyone has at least a Crush inside their hearts, right?

Please eat bungeoppang before you go. <)333><

—J-Hope’s note in the banner

The phrase is a play on the popular Korean meme that had the internet in fits back in the 2010s. Shin Dong Wook, who played the role of Ha Woo Sung in the SBS drama War Of Money, was often criticized for his inaccurate pronunciation on screen. In the series, he had an emotional dialogue that said, “Nuguna gaseume sangcheohanajjeumeun issneungeoeyo,” which meant, “Everybody carries some sort of a hurt in their hearts.

But due to his mispronunciation, many heard the dialog as “Nuguna gaseume samcheonwonjjeumeun issneungoeyo,” which translates to “Everyone carries 3,000 won in their chest (pocket).” This buzz phrase has now become a popular saying used in winter, referring to how everyone carries at least a little cash in their pockets to buy snacks from street vendors in winter.

Roadside stall of bungeoppang |

J-Hope referenced this line and replaced “3000 won” with “Crush,” which both implies the artist Crush and a romantic interest in someone, showing how layered his sense of humor is!


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