BTS J-Hope Surprises Fans With Solo Discography Release On Korean Streaming Platforms

Is an official music video for “Blue Side” also in the works?

The entire solo discography of BTS‘s J-Hope (minus “1 Verse”) is officially available on all Korean streaming platforms from today (July 22). Previously, his mixtape Hope World, along with his solo project “Chicken Noodle Soup” with Becky G, were only available on YouTube and Spotify.

The extended version of “Blue Side,” which was also previously available only on YouTube and SoundCloud, has been officially released on all streaming platforms.

Spotify launched in Korea in 2021. So, Korean fans did not have access to Hope World and “Chicken Noodle Soup” for a long time. Even after Spotify’s launch, streaming apps like Melon, Flo, and Bugs remain the predominant platforms where Korean listeners consume most of their music. So, officially releasing J-Hope’s solo works on these platforms is a big deal for BTS’s Korean fans.

International fans are also visibly excited about getting “Blue Side” on streaming platforms! This release, combined with J-Hope’s recent instagram post with the caption “Blue Side” is now making ARMYs suspect that a music video for the track is also on its way!

This move is very in line with BTS’s wish to make their solo projects more accesible to Korean fans, as they stated during the 2022 Festa dinner.


Currently J-Hope is preparing for his performance at Lollapalooza on July 31. Some fans are speculating that this official release means some of these tracks are on the setlist.

While million of ARMYs were already waiting for J-Hope’s debut solo performance at the festival eagerly, this anticipation sure adds more spice to the wait!

Source: Statista