An ARMY Spots BTS’s J-Hope Saving A Wounded Animal And It Shows How Angelic He Truly Is

He is so precious!

BTS‘s J-Hope doesn’t just have a positive name! He also has a heart of gold and will do anything to help others, just like one lucky fan recently witnessed in real life.

There are endless stories of his good deeds, including being named part of ChildFund Korea’s “Green Noble Club for Children,” a donor society for those who donate over 100 million KRW. However, his kind heart recently lead him to save a stray cat.

The fan posted how they witnessed J-Hope visiting the vet clinic to help the wounded animal.

Right before J-Hope went to the states, he came by a vet clinic in my neighborhood to treat a wounded stray cat. He asked the doctor to look after the cat and paid off all the fees for any surgical treatments.

— Fan

The fan also revealed that this particular vet clinic isn’t in Seoul, showing that he doesn’t mind traveling to receive the best quality care for an animal.

[J-Hope’s dog] Mickey sees the same vet, so I think that’s why he came to this specific one. It’s true. J-Hope is an angel!!! He’s frickin’ awesome

— Fan

J-Hope previously showed how much he loves animals when he had an app called Paw In Hand that helps people adopt abandoned animals or find missing animals.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

J-Hope is selfless, humble, and a wonderful role model for ARMYs!

Source: @SunnyKim4U/Twitter