BTS Keeps Falling In Love With J-Hope, And Honestly, Same 

“The J-Hope Effect” is real.

BTS‘s J-Hope has millions of fans, but even his own members are falling for his charms!

J-Hope | Run BTS!/Weverse

In Episode 129 of Run BTS!, BTS had high hopes for their tennis “ace”, who won a bronze medal (out of three teams) in the past. J-Hope told them to quit hyping him up, but they refused!

Every one of his supportive members was in awe of his skills…

…but no one fell harder for him than Suga did! “I kind of almost fell for Hobi today,” he admitted.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

This isn’t the first time J-Hope has won his members’ hearts; Jungkook also fell for his “Golden Hyung”!

Jungkook | Run BTS!/Weverse

When J-Hope held a live broadcast to talk about his collaboration with Becky G, “Chicken Noodle Soup”, Jungkook suddenly confessed to falling for J-Hope because of his amazing dance moves in the “Chicken Noodle Soup” music video.

“I never thought I would fall for a man,” he said, making J-Hope burst out laughing.

Everybody loves J-Hope, and that’s a fact! Check out more from the latest Run BTS! episode here:

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