BTS’s J-Hope And V Are Dropping Spoilers For “Butter”

All hail the spoiler kings!

You know what they say; two spoiler kings are better than one!

With the release of BTS‘s new song “Butter” just days away, the hunger for hints has never been stronger. Today, BTS released the “Butter” music video teaser, giving fans a taste of the song’s retro-rock sound and concept.

BTS in the “Butter” MV teaser. | HYBE Labels/Youtube  

The lyrics “Get it, let it roll” can be heard at the very end of the teaser, but we want more. Thankfully, J-Hope is happy to oblige!


Ahead of the teaser’s release, J-Hope stopped by Weverse to chat with fans. One fan asked him to drop a spoiler, and he replied with, “Bbutter bbutter bbu-bbu-ter!!!” J-Hope could just be clowning, of course, but what if this is really how part of “Butter” sounds? Can you hear it?

| Weverse

J-Hope isn’t the only one teasing spoilers. Weverse King V recently blew up ARMY’s phones with notifications when he dropped by the app. V teased fans about switching biases, announced changes to his mixtape, and sprinkled spoilers!


V shared a TMI, that he dyed his hair, and he also revealed a “Vcut” photo that has everyone talking. In it, V is wearing the same hat he wore in this teaser photo for “Butter,” but entirely different sunglasses and clothes.

V in his “Butter” teaser photo.

If V snapped his “Vcut” selfie on the set of the “Butter” MV, this neon windbreaker could very well be one of his outfits for the video!

V in his Vcut photo. | Weverse

We won’t have to wait much longer to find out! The official “Butter” music video will be released on May 21 at 1 PM (KST).

BTS Are Retro Rockstars In Their New “Butter” Music Video Teaser