BTS’s V Is Making Major Changes To His First Mixtape, “KTH1”

“KTH1” is getting a makeover.

BTS‘s is giving his first mixtape a makeover!


Last month, in BTS’s “BE-hind Story” interview, V revealed that his mixtape, nicknamed KTH1, has been postponed longer than he originally expected it to be. At the time, the mixtape was confirmed to have 13 songs, including those he shared snippets of with fans.

Later, in a live broadcast with J-Hope and Suga, V revealed that KTH1 would not be released in 2021. At the time, BTS’s upcoming single “Butter” had not yet been announced.

V (left), Suga (center), and J-Hope (right) 

I’m sorry, not within this year. Our schedule is more hectic than you think…There’s more on our schedule under the surface. I’m working hard, ARMY.

— V

Now, V is sharing more updates about his mixtape on the Weverse app. He revealed that his album has 10 songs that he created himself and one that was given to him. V has decided to rework his whole mixtape before releasing it.

| Weverse

I have one song that was given to me, and 10 that I made myself, but I started to not listen to them, and I worried that it would be the same for ARMYs, so I’m slowly remaking [the songs] step by step.

I’m working hard.

— V

A fan asked if “Umbrella,” a song V briefly shared on Twitter last summer, would be part of his revamped mixtape.

In reply, V wrote, “I’m not going to use any [of the songs], I just shared it so ARMY could hear it. “Umbrella” isn’t a song I made, it’s a song someone gave me.”

| Weverse

Although some fans are disappointed that “Umbrella” hasn’t made the cut, they are looking forward to hearing V’s music whenever he chooses to release it. Find out more about his mixtape here:

Here’s Everything We Know About BTS V’s “KTH1” Mixtape


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