BTS Is Bias Wrecking The Heck Out Of Us…And V Knows It

He’s enjoying ARMY’s dilemma.

“Who is your BTS bias?” is the ultimate trick question for fans. How can anyone choose a favorite when all seven choices are perfection?


Many fans begin their ARMY journeys by stanning the first member who catches their eye, but this can change over time.


With each new song, music video, and performance, BTS tests ARMY’s loyalty to their biases. “Butter” is no exception!

On Weverse, a fan confessed that RM‘s “Butter” concept photo has them switching lanes again. Little did they know that was watching!

| Weverse & Big Hit Music

Of course, the other members look crazy amazing…but Namjoon in this concept just…Ahh is my bias changing again

— Fan

V knows all about ARMY’s bias struggles, and he’s loving it!

| Weverse

That’s right, it goes round and round hehe

— V

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