BTS’s J-Hope Sweeps The Internet With A Completely New Look Ahead Of Solo Album Release

ARMYs took a collective gasp at J-Hope’s new visuals!

Just when ARMYs were recovering from the concept pictures of BTS member J-Hope‘s upcoming track “Arson”, an unexpected development had them clutching their pearls for dear life!

Who could be the protagonist about to cover the August issue with purple hope? The main character with unexpected charms, the captain of maknae line, who likes to wear acorn bags! The loose shirt and the pretty hands remind you of someone, right? Comment below the name of the person you’re thinking of! Tomorrow, the cover of the August issue will be released on W’s Instagram.

On July 13, the “MORE” singer stunned fans by debuting his new look on W Korea’s Instagram page. With silver highlights, all-black attire, black nails, and chunky boots, J-Hope looks nothing short of a professional model, striking poses for his solo photoshoot with the magazine.

Though the caption on the teaser video says, “Guess who he is” ARMYs had no difficulty in identifying the BTS rapper right away. Consequently, within a few hours, the teaser garnered over 1.5 million views (topping any other video posted on the account recently)!

W Korea might have underestimated how well the fandom knows their boys.

On July 14, W Korea’s Instagram account posted the official cover pictures. Needless to say, fans needed several moments to process this new J-Hope look in all its glory.

Jack In The Box, J-Hope’s first solo album, is all set to release on July 15. The lead single MORE has already garnered critical praise and commercial success, cracking into the Billboard Hot 100 chart in its first week and becoming the #1 song on Spotify’s Top Songs Debut Global chart.

J-Hope is also gearing up to headline the Lolapalooza music festival on July 31. Being an ARMY has never been a busier occupation it seems!

BTS surely weren’t kidding when they said the best is Yet to Come.


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