Here’s Why BTS’s J-Hope Might Seem More “Mature” Now, According To Himself

His reason is hilarious!

J-Hope was once known as the member of BTS who can’t handle drinking alcohol and flushes easily. However, according to J-Hope himself, all of that has recently changed!

At every chance he gets, he’s informing ARMYs of his increasing tolerance when it comes to wine…

…and even whiskey! Whether he’s finishing a bottle of wine on his own and sharing a bottle of whiskey, he finds drinking alcohol much easier than he used to.

After washing down his dinner with some whiskey, he went on Weverse and responded to ARMY’s questions before packing for BTS’s US trip. However, fans were shocked that he was perfectly fine after drinking!

Hope, did you not get drunk after drinking whiskey? Our Hobi? Hobi didn’t get drunk? Hobi who gets red faced after drinking beer? Huh? Jung Hoseok?


| Weverse

It seems his tolerance is getting better and for him, his image is changing!

Our Hobi isn’t an al-sse* anymore! Hahaha when/how did your tolerance get so high?

T/N: *slang for someone who gets drunk easily


His response shows how he’s feeling confident about his newfound change!

What do you think, don’t I seem more mature now☺

— J-Hope

Whether he can only take a sip or drink a whole bottle, on thing is certain about J-Hope…

He’s always cool and mature!


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