Janet Jackson Uploads Video Of The Moment She Met BTS

An epic meeting of legends at “2018 MAMA in Hong Kong”.

Fans around the world are losing their minds over an epic meeting of legends that went down at 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong. 


On December 14, cameras captured the moment when global superstars BTS met one of the greatest queens in music history, Janet Jackson. The meeting happened backstage, in Janet Jackson’s dressing room.


BTS were all smiles when they walked through the door.


Janet Jackson greeted BTS warmly and shook each member’s hand, starting with and ending with Suga.


“It’s an honor to meet you,” RM said, and later added. “We’re big fans of yours.”


After Janet Jackson finished exchanging greetings with BTS, she congratulated them and asked if they were enjoying themselves at MAMA. 

“Are you guys have fun with it? Enjoying it?”

— Janet Jackson


“He says time goes so fast,” RM translated, for Jin. “and he’s, like, sad.”


Janet Jackson uploaded the heartwarming clip to her to personal Twitter account with the caption, “Nice meeting u”.  In a few short hours, the tweet has already received over 60K likes and over 30K retweets.


She has also shared a group photo with BTS on Instagram.


Fans are now expressing their love and gratitude for both of these incredible artists.


In addition to meeting Janet Jackson backstage, BTS was also given the honor of introducing her onstage.


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