BTS Get Very Jealous Of Jin’s Watermelons During The Latest “Run BTS!” Episode For This Hilarious Reason

Luckily BTS’s Jin proved to be the best hyung ever!

When it comes to BTS, it seems like the members are always busy.

Even after announcing they were taking a break from group music to focus on solo schedules, the group has been treating ARMYs to so much content, whether it’s collaborations, public appearances, and much more.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Of course, after months away, one of the biggest announcements was the return of the much-loved Run BTS! series after ten months! Although the members still probably see each other daily, the group started the episode by catching up with each other.



One of the first big updates from BTS came from J-Hope, as he explained that he had received a watermelon from Jin! Unsurprisingly, with such a precious gift, some of the other members got very jealous, with Jungkook adding, “Why not me?”

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ARMYs will know a lot about Jin’s watermelons.

Back in July, Jin became an epic meme after posting some pictures holding the huge fruits and, just like the iconic strawberries, it seems like the group’s oldest member always wants to gift J-Hope some fruit.

BTS’s Jin and his watermelons | @jin/Instagram

| @jin/Instagram

Jin seemed to have the perfect response to Jungkook’s jealousy as he explained, “You were not going to eat it.” However, all it did was start a line of upset members as V also wondered why he wasn’t given any watermelons.


Yet, it seems like it wasn’t just fruit that Jin was generous with. As expected, the group’s oldest member can’t help but spoil his younger brothers as Suga revealed that Jin had actually given honey to the rest of the members.


At first, RM seemed confused by the excitement as it seems like he didn’t have any of the hallabong because he left early. Jin had to remind V that he did get some, as one of the group’s youngest members seemed upset he didn’t get any.


Jungkook’s description saying “Jin is like a fruit basket” couldn’t be any more true. Over the past year, Jin has made a reputation for always gifting those closest to him fruit, especially the famous strawberries he picked himself.

BTS’s Jin and his strawberries | @jin/Instagram

| @jin/Instagram

As always, Jin proves to be the best older brother anyone can ask for. Even when the group is doing their own thing, he always makes sure to give them gifts suited to their personalities, proving how much thought goes into everything he does.

You can read more about Jin being a “fruit basket” below.

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