BTS’s Jin Fulfilled His Promise To J-Hope And The Two Finally Reunited… All Because Of Strawberries

The saga comes to an end as the members are reunited!

The members of BTS have been enjoying their extended vacation, and through their personal Instagram accounts, they have been updating ARMYs with everything they have been doing over the past few months. Yet, having free time has meant that the members haven’t met up for a while…

Well, that all seems to have changed because of BTS’s Jin and J-Hope!

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jin (right)

On January 14, Jin shared some adorable pictures of him at his uncle’s strawberry farm.

| @jin/ Instagram
| @jin/ Instagram

Although Jin seemed to have an amazing time, J-Hope definitely saw the post, and it seemed like he was a bit jealous. For a while, netizens noticed that J-Hope wanted to meet up with Jin… and he seemed upset that it hadn’t happened yet.

In the comments for Jin’s picture, J-Hope wrote, “Strawberries? Without seeing me?

Obviously sensing how J-Hope was feeling, Jin responded that no doubt made him feel better. In the comments, he replied in a way that ARMYs believed was flirty, adding, “Jwe-Hope, come take some strawberries.

Well, it seems as if Jin fulfilled his promise to J-Hope, and alongside giving his member some strawberries, the iconic duo also met up!

On January 16 (KST), J-Hope shared an image on his story that showcased boxes of big and juicy strawberries! He had tagged Jin in the image and shared that Jin had actually brought him the strawberries from his uncle’s farm.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

Although it seemed cute that Jin had sent J-Hope strawberries, what really caught fans’ attention was that it seemed as if BTS’s oldest member personally went to deliver the gift. In the caption, J-Hope described how Jin personally gave him the strawberries and called him an angel!

As expected, when ARMYs saw the post, they couldn’t hide their excitement at 2seok being reunited!

Although it is the first time a member has explicitly shared that he’s met up with a member, ARMYs suspected that it might have happened earlier in the month as both V and Suga shared similar pictures of a beach

BTS Suga’s post of the beach | @AgustD/ Instagram
BTS V’s post | Weverse

Which also seemed similar to one posted by J-Hope!

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/ Instagram

Yet, more importantly, after weeks of Jin and J-Hope teasing ARMYs with their desire to meet up with each other, it finally seems to have happened!

Also, as always, Jin proved that he continues to keep promises kept to his members. ARMYs had seen this before when he treated RM to a bike for his birthday… just as he promised.


Hopefully, now that J-Hope and Jin have confirmed their meeting, more members can meet up and share it with ARMYs!

You can read more about the first part of J-Hope and Jin’s strawberry saga below!

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Source: @uarmyhope