BTS’s Jin And J-Hope Get Flirty On Instagram… Over Some Strawberries

J-Hope really misses his members!

Since the members of BTS finished their American schedule in December 2021, the group has been enjoying some well-deserved rest. Yet, with this time off, the members haven’t had much time to see each other.

Recently, it seems like some of the members just have shown how much they’ve missed each other on Instagram. Those two members are none other than the combination of Jin and J-Hope, known as 2seok!

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jin (right) | @bts_twt/ Twitter

After the members created their own Instagram accounts, it became the perfect way for ARMYs to stay updated with everything that the group is doing. On January 14, Jin shared some adorable pictures of him at his uncle’s strawberry farm.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/ Instagram
| @jin/ Instagram

There were also some selfies that were enough to make any ARMY have a full meltdown because of Jin’s visuals. ARMYs were grateful to see what Jin has been up to on his time off…

| @jin/ Instagram
| @jin/ Instagram

It seems as if it isn’t just ARMYs who are getting updated, but also the members themselves. J-Hope has gained a reputation as the most supportive person ever, always liking photos and commenting even quicker than ARMY could ever imagine.

Well, it seems as if he definitely saw Jin’s post and might have been a bit jealous. Netizens have noticed that J-Hope has wanted to meet up with Jin… and he seems upset that it hasn’t happened yet. In the comments for Jin’s picture, J-Hope wrote, “Strawberries? Without seeing me?

Luckily, Jin seemed to realize just how J-Hope must be missing the members and replied in a way that ARMYs believed was flirty, adding, “Jwe-Hope, come take some strawberries.

It seems as if he’s trying to apologize to J-Hope for not meeting up by distracting him with the idea of strawberries…

As soon as Jin posted the images and J-Hope replied, fans couldn’t get over the 2seok interactions! They pointed out that not only is J-Hope definitely missing Jin, but the two were being playful and flirty with each other on the post.

Yet, it isn’t the first time that the duo has gained attention for their adorable interactions on Instagram. At the end of 2021, Jin caught the attention of netizens after commenting on J-Hope’s pictures with, “Jwe-Hope, you said you wanted to have a drink with me on Christmas Eve.”

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram
| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

Yet, although J-Hope replied with “Contact me,” Jin continued to tease his younger member by saying, “I have to complete a game event, sorry.

It seems that despite J-Hope actually wanting to keep his promise to meet with Jin for drinks, the group’s oldest member is actually busy… Even if J-Hope had something exciting planned.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

It seems as if after making many promises to meet up after their trip, J-Hope is really missing his members and wants to meet up with Jin as soon as possible.

The two finally met up because of the strawberries, and you can read about it below.

BTS’s Jin Fulfilled His Promise To J-Hope And The Two Finally Reunited… All Because Of Strawberries

Source: @jin


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