BTS’s Jin Inspires ARMY To Get Creative With Watermelons For New Memes

Jin had to know what he was doing!

A new meme has been created thanks to BTS‘s Jin.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Recently, Jin shared photos of himself flexing his strength, holding two huge watermelons. You know, just typical summer activity.

selling watermelons

— Jin’s caption

And immediately, ARMYs recognized its potential and decided to meme it.

It started mild with side-by-side pictures, comparing pictures from times Jin has held watermelons.

Some were quite witty. The account below frequently posts side-by-side comparisons of Jin with refrigerators. This one is definitely top tier.

It only continued to get more interesting as ARMYs replaced the watermelons for… other fruit? So, it appeared that Jin was holding something entirely different.

To put it simply, the hard stans took over the meme.

Last but not least, though… Perhaps, the best and slightly complex joke of all…

The opportunities are truly endless with “Meme King” Jin.

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