BTS’s J-Hope Exposes The Realities Of Giving His “2022 MAMA Awards” Speeches On His Own

This is how he really felt!

This year, BTS‘s J-Hope took on a brand new challenge at the 2022 MAMA Awards by representing both BTS as a group and himself as a solo artist. Not only did he put on a showstopping headlining performance, he went on to accept a variety of awards for the achievements of both BTS and himself as a soloist.

After the event, he held a livestream to talk to ARMY and revealed just how new the whole experience was for him to attend an award show on his own.

Because of this, the show had a completely new and different feeling for him.

As a the soloist J-Hope, I came out and I was able to show myself shine on stage today. It felt really different for me. It was a fascinating day for me.

— J-Hope

Specifically, he recalled how different it was to receive an award at an award show by himself, stand at the podium by himself, and give a solo speech.

Typically, when all of BTS is together, the members will all add speak for part of the speech, thus making a complete speech together.

Now, J-Hope had to do it all himself, including begin and end the speech.

After members speak first, I will be the one who will continue on. For me to start the speech, I wasn’t able to gather my thoughts.

— J-Hope

Typically, RM begins BTS’s speeches and J-Hope shared both during his livestream and during the actual speech that he was grateful for RM’s ability to do so.

Anyway, I was able to respect RM once more!

— J-Hope

However, in all of J-Hope’s speeches throughout the event, netizens noted he spoke eloquently as he expressed his thankful and humble thoughts! Though he may not be used to it, he proved himself to be a great speaker.

Check out what else he shared during the livestream below.

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