BTS’s J-Hope Surprises The Members By Bringing Up His “Little Brother” During Their Recent Livestream

True ARMY remember this joke! 😂

During BTS‘s latest livestream, the members celebrated the Korean holiday Chuseok by wearing traditional clothing called hanbok and eating festive snacks.

Towards the end of the broadcast, J-Hope wished fans a happy holiday before bowing.

At the very end, he put up a finger heart and said “Chuseok, Hoseok!”

This made the others, including RM and Jin, exclaim at the clever near rhyme and swap the holiday’s name with J-Hope’s real name!

Ohh~ Jung Chuseok!

— RM

This reminded fans of a Weverse question J-Hope answered last year when a confused ARMY didn’t know what Chuseok meant.

  • ARMY: “What’s Chuseok???? Hosoek’s brother????”
  • JH: “Our Chuseokie is coming soon😅😅”

However, J-Hope doesn’t actually have a brother…unless you count his 6 fellow BTS members!

Check out more funny moments from the livestream below.

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