BTS’s Suga Might Have Some Competition From Jimin When It Comes To The Iconic “Yoongi, Marry Me”

V thinks Suga doesn’t have to worry as the OG trend!

When it comes to being part of the BTS fandom or being an ARMY, there are certain things that are like trends that everyone knows about, including the members. After so long as a group, it seems like BTS themselves are starting to jump on the trend and love talking about them whenever possible.

One of the most iconic memes for BTS is “Yoongi, Marry Me,” and it’s all because people want to marry Suga!

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It seems like BTS can’t get away from people wanting to marry Suga, whether it’s on a live broadcast



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And even during individual members‘ live broadcasts.

BTS’s Jungkook on live broadcast | BTS/VLIVE 

Well, it seems like there might be a change in the trends, but the BTS members might not be as keen on it as expected.

On August 8 (KST), BTS surprised fans with a special live broadcast to celebrate Chuseok. What was even better was that it was all of the members and they looked amazing, dressed in beautiful hanboks and charming ARMYs with their charisma.

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As expected, throughout the broadcast, as well as chatting to each other, they were also monitoring the comments and what ARMYs were talking about.

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In particular, one comment was read by Jin that seemed to start a debate, and it was all because of member Jimin.

While BTS is used to reading comments of ARMYs asking, “Marry me, Yoongi,” Jin was surprised to read someone who said, “Jimin, marry me.” Jin seemed to find it funny that it had changed from “Yoongi” to “Jimin.”

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Being the leader he is, RM seemed to think about the change being less about Suga but more about trends in general. He explained that “Marry me” seemed to be a trend, similarly to ARMYs saying, “BTS, marry me.”

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Of course, as one of the most avid “Yoongi, marry me” supporters, V had to get involved. Rather than just the “Marry me” trend, V wanted to emphasize that it was all because of Suga, but that the full name of the trend was actually “Yunki, marry me.”

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With the number of times that phrase has trended and the number of marriage proposals Suga received, it wasn’t surprising that Jin’s next comment was that his fellow member seems to have gotten married quite a lot.

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Whether “Jimin, marry me” will catch on the same way as “Yoongi, marry me,” it seems like the members will continue to be inundated with marriage proposals from ARMYs.

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