BT21 Mang Has A Family — Here’s BTS J-Hope’s Hilarious Reaction

Get to know everyone!

In the final episode of “Inside Mang,” BTS‘s J-Hope recapped his journey of creating BT21 Mang‘s real face. He finalized various merch products and videos before they were officially released.

One of the best scenes was J-Hope’s reaction to Mang’s sentimental face reveal!

In a previous episode, J-Hope shared that in addition to parents, he wants Mang to have a noona (older sister) just like he does. Now, the family has officially come to life!

When he saw the final results of Mang’s family, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter! Designed by the team of artists based off of J-Hope’s ideas, everyone looked so cute.

Take a closer look at each family member below. Mang’s noona (second from left) has two extra tufts of hair on her head and adorable acorn bows on her ears.

(Left to Right), Mang, Noona, Dad, Mom | BT21/YouTube

Next, Mang’s mom is yellow and wears a super cute pearl necklace with an acorn on it.

Similarly, Mang’s dad has the top of an acorn on his head.

Not only did J-Hope find Mang’s family charming, ARMYs also fell in love with them and made their own fanart and more!

In the end, J-Hope did a great job creating such a special surprise for ARMYs and we cherish his hard work so much! 💜


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