ARMYs Notice Emotional Similarities Between BTS J-Hope’s Family And BT21 Mang’s Family

“Dad has to be strict…” 🥹

BTS‘s J-Hope recently finalized the design for his BT21 character Mang without a mask. In a new episode of “Inside Mang,” he created a bunch of new merchandise ideas and even brainstormed more of Mang’s backstory.

BTS’s J-Hope and Mang | BT21/YouTube

Previously, he decided to name the squirrel village Dotohee* (*sounds like dotori which is “acorn” in Korean). Putting this together with “Mang,” we have “Dotohee Mang,” which sounds just like huimang* (“hope” in Korean)!

Now, he’s busy creating Mang’s family! He decided Mang should have a noona (“older sister” in Korean) and also a strict father.

It’s clear that J-Hope took inspiration from his own life for Mang’s family! J-Hope also has an older sister and a strict father that originally opposed his dream to become an idol.

When I was younger and really into dancing, it happened to be my exam period. I would pretend to study in my room, but I was actually watching dance videos. I was working really hard on pretending to study and watching dance videos when my dad suddenly came into my room. At the time, I was so surprised. My dad sighed deeply and just left. I remember this memory vividly.

That’s why I once danced in front of my dad with no music. He told me to dance for him so I poured out my passion by dancing without any music or noise. The only sound you could hear was the sound of my clothing and my breathing. There was a time like that.

In the beginning, my dad opposed my dancing a lot. Now, he supports me more than anyone!

— J-Hope

J-Hope tells the story of his dad during a livestream. | Weverse

J-Hope also shared this in the lyrics of his song, “MAMA” from BTS’s 2016 Wings album.

He still needs to work on Mang’s family, like coming up with names for everyone. However, we can possibly expect them to have Korean names based on his current ideas!

Check out more of J-Hope and Mang’s similarities below.

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