BTS’s J-Hope Assigned Each Member A Chore In His Imaginary Hideout—And They Were All Perfect Fits

Can you guess what Jungkook is in charge of?

BTS‘s J-Hope recently sat down for an interview with Weverse where he talked about his weekend hobbies and hypothetical hideout. Regarding the latter, he chose which members would do each role needed in the exclusive space.

Check out what he answered below!

1. Jin and Suga

First up, it’s no surprise that J-hope picked Jin and Suga as the chefs of the group. The former, especially, often takes charge in the kitchen whenever BTS is tasked to cook. The latter is known to be able to hold his own as well.

Suga and Jin would be in charge of cooking.

— J-Hope

They even had a whole Run BTS! episode where they teamed up in the kitchen.

2. Jungkook

Anything that would need to be lifted or moved around in the hideout would be under Jungkook’s jurisdiction. J-Hope called him the “muscle” who would be perfect for all sorts of tasks at home.

Jungkook would be the muscle.

— J-Hope

3. RM

Meanwhile, RM would be the best person to keep everyone on track. J-Hope commented that he is “good at organizing things” like the leader he is.

4. V and Jimin

As for same-age friends V and Jimin, they would bring the fun to BTS’s would-be hideaway.

[V] oozes charisma, so he will be in charge of entertainment along with Jimin.

— J-Hope

5. J-Hope

Finally, J-Hope himself would also have a job to do. He immediately knew that he would be in charge of making sure the entire hideout is always spick and span.

Cleaning. It just can’t be helped.

— J-Hope

In his own words, he is the type of person who is “always cleaning” whenever he has extra time: “I’m not obsessive but I really don’t like mess…I tend to try to clean up right away.”

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