What Can We Expect From BTS In 2023? J-Hope Gives Exclusive Hints To ARMYs About Their Upcoming Schedules

Here’s what we can look forward to this year!

The BTS members have already accomplished a slew of exciting things in 2023. Various members have attended Paris Fashion Week, released music, and have even released a movie with an upcoming documentary on the way.

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In a new interview with Disney+, J-Hope shared a little bit more about what ARMY can expect from this exciting year. Starting with himself, J-Hope always has a plan! He has already done so much, but he’s still preparing “a lot of things in a variety of ways.”

As with everything he does, he wants to do his best for all of the things he has planned.

Only time will tell exactly what he has in store for ARMY!

Anyways, I’m looking forwards to completing those things, and I hope to accomplish them.

— J-Hope

Additionally, he revealed the rest of the members also have many exciting projects planned for this year and he’s excited to support them.

There are many other projects in 2023 and I want to support my members, too.

— J-Hope

J-Hope is just as excited as ARMY for the upcoming year. Revealing various members will be involved in “music and other things,” it seems there are some unexpected things to look forward to!

I’m looking forward to see how my members would be. Personally curious, I want to support them in their music and other things.

— J-Hope

With everyone looking forward to the great year, all of the members are in a state of excitement.

Check out what else he revealed below!

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