BTS’s J-Hope Learns Some Hilarious English Slang From ARMY…And Uses It In A Very “Hobi” Way

His attempt was too cute! 😂

BTS‘s J-Hope gives 110% of his effort in everything he does — including studying English!

Over the years, he’s shown off more and more of his growing skills, thanks to all of his hard work studying.

During interviews, he’s able to give thoughtful and complex answers…

…and even during live broadcasts, he is able to communicate flawlessly with English speaking fans.

When an ARMY complimented his English skills on Weverse, J-Hope only took it as an opportunity to learn more!

What’s the slang that’s popular these days?

— J-Hope

A fan took the opportunity to tell him about the slang word “slay,” often used as praise. For example: J-Hope slayed at the concert!

Adding some Jeolla-do dialect to it, he made it sound much more Hobi-approved!


Slay!!!! *Yeah slay~ [T/N: *Jeolla Dialect]

— J-Hope

| Weverse

There’s no separating J-Hope from his roots in Gwangju!

Just like that, J-Hope has mastered yet another English expression…

…and is ready to slay our hearts at any time!

Check out what else he shared below.

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