BTS’s J-Hope Faces Online Criticism After Liking Crush’s Instagram Apology Post For Alleged Discrimination Against Two Black Fans

Some are saying it was an accident.

Crush faces heavy accusations of discriminating against two black fans after a video of his recent performance was posted online. In the short clip, Crush reaches out to nearby fans before withdrawing his hand momentarily and then reaching out again. The fan who posted the tweet claimed that the singer had intentionally pulled his hand away from them because of their skin color.

Following the accusations, Crush released an apology for the incident on his personal Instagram account, saying that it was a misunderstanding and he stopped reaching out to them for safety reasons. The OP (original poster) of the video has since refuted his explanation online.

Crush’s written apology | @crush9244/Instagram
| @crush9244/Instagram

BTS‘s J-Hope, who recently collaborated with Crush on his single, “Rush Hour,” liked the post with his account, shocking netizens.

Some criticized J-Hope, while others said it might have been a mistake or accident.

No other relevant statements from either artist or their companies have been made since this article’s release.


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